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A little about west Country Furniture

Back in 1982 we spotted a charming old Victorian residence with a shop in one corner with display windows on Abington Avenue and Abington Grove. It had two reception rooms and a bathroom to the rear. We converted the bathroom to an office and the reception rooms were ideal for display, we even light a fire in the lovely old fireplace on cold winter days. Still no central heating !.

The back door opened onto a very useful courtyard with gates onto the road for parking and loading with an old two storey coach house across the way. Originally the coach house had a steep ladder up to the first floor but we soon installed a staircase. All this room .... how will we ever fill it ! How wrong we were....we recently built on extra showrooms at the rear but retained some lovely old features.

We originally opened our doors as "Second Time Around" which was not a marriage guidance bureau but in fact an antique shop. This was great fun especially driving a van to Chelsea twice a week to the auctions. We would buy imperfect furniture at London prices, repair it and hope to sell it for a profit in Northampton ! After almost 2 years I realised that what I was seeing on the pavements of Chelsea was what we should be offering to Northampton.....pine furniture.

It was hard to find the right designs,from quality timbers and built traditionally at an affordable price. After much searching and pure luck we found a small workshop in Staffordshire who's owner smoked a sweet smelling pipe and spoke a strange language, something like gaelic. They had the materials and craftsmen but not the designs or sales outlet to be really viable. However, as a joint venture it was perfect. We designed it and sold it....they made it.

The rest is history. Our furniture can be found all over Europe including several kitchens in France and even some products in China. We don`t only sell furniture that we make... there are other good makers out there and we have chosen a few who make something that we don't .We realise that we can't make everything and customers have to have a choice but one thing common to everything we`s well made.

We branched out into oak, ash and painted furniture and our forte is our make-to-measure service. Our reclaimed pine is second to none as only the weathered, character timbers are used on the exposed faces. Sadly, most makers of reclaimed furniture destroy the character by sawing the wood into planks and making from the freshly sawn may as well use new wood !

One problem for us is that our products last too long....we wish they would need replacing after a few years like a car or a TV ! After 20 years you are still coming in for a tin of wax saying "it`s as good as the day you delivered it". Thank goodness your children are coming in now and buying from us ! Luckily,you don`t normally take your kitchen with you when you move so many of you have had 2 or 3 kitchens from us.Two customers, however, have taken their kitchens to their new homes and we have re-installed them with a few mean can you be ?

Our reputation is our strength...we have literally thousands of references and there's one thing that we know everybody will confirm.......we care about our products and just as much about our customers. We know that the day you stop coming in our door then our days are numbered. You have lots of choice of places to shop and we never forget that.

One thing we have to admit ....We`re not cheap. If you`re working on a limited budget then some customers collect our furniture piece by piece rather than buying a room full. Our products rarely change and matching is usually easy. We are,however, value for only buy it once and it will outlast any "ordinary" furniture. On the other hand,quite a number of customers have said "we didn`t try here before because we thought you were too expensive but we are pleasantly suprised" . We have a motto....... "pay a little more.......have the best".

West Country Furniture, 117 Abington Avenue, Northampton NN1 4QB
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